Power Apps with Intershop

At the code.talks commerce 2019 deveoper conference I gave a presentation about Low-Code/No-Code platforms and what it means for software development. My main argument was: There are simply not enough software developers available to meet all the requirements of digitization, so we need to empower business users (citizen developers) to independently implement creative solutions.

Source: Forrester – Refocus Process Automation To Rescue Your
Digital Transformation

The complete presentation can be found here:

code.talks commerce 2019 – What do you get when Powerpoint and Excel are having a Baby?

Part of the presentation was a short demo showing the simplicity of creating a Power App and connecting it with Intershop. In my example the app allows the ordering of toner cartridges by scanning a QR code at the printer. I recorded the demo for you and see for yourself how easy it really is:

Power Apps with Intershop