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I know this is a tech blog. Hopefully, speaking about how to learn technology is also accepted.

Intershop has again proven in one of the latest Forrester reports that it is a tech savvy company[1]. No other e-Commerce software offers a richer feature set. I would personally add: No other e-commerce platform offers the same range of easy to use, easy to adapt, and at the same time powerful interfaces allowing you to demonstrate your technological skills to adapt the platform to your needs.

It was not easy to get there. Technological drive can make your product become quickly more complex needing more people to develop it further. Technology comes and goes, gets hyped and then disappears. It makes product development not always easier. While not all might agree on this, I hope everybody can at least support the following conclusion: The technological solutions we seek and use are definitely changing and changing more often.

This has a price: The number of options increases. The amount of things you need to learn increases. The amount of things that you might learn and then not use (or use only a very short time) increases.  Equally, the amount of things you have to un-learn (definitely something we all dislike to do) also increases. Knowing what is what will be clear to you only in retrospective. Henceforward, only the very brave of us will then have not a single moment of doubt: Will I always be coping with this?

The Intershop Commerce Management Express Course

There is hope. Technology changes. Learning changes, too. Intershop Technical Training offers now very packed, intense courses. Courses with a promise: You see a lot of technology and have no other option than to learn it. Why? Because those courses have been built with a clear focus on the technology and you, the learner. There is no book that you have to carry home. There is no header and footer in the page we create when you want to learn how to make a REST call. Just the REST call. In those courses you will see very few slides presented to you. There is just this: the learning and the help to get you used to something new.

Five days fully packed with an introduction to the backoffice, to the content management system, pagelets, Bootstrap, Pipelines, ISML, edl files, preparers and database connectivity, Intershop7 business objects and their extensions, query files, the component and managed services framework, REST, SOAP and XML services, integration and functional tests, permission creation, basket calculation, widgets, Intershop7 extension points and microservices development. As we have compacted the course so much we’ll even find the time to have some fun. Either we’ll connect to a column store inMemory database for browsing and analyzing millions of lines of customer data in milliseconds, create promotions based on the like statements of our customers in Facebook pages or speak to Alexa to have her doing the shopping for us.

Intershop7 Course 440 (Express): Schedule

After the course we’ll expect your honest feedback and then we’ll leave it to you: You want to opt for not pursuing a topic further, fine. You decide to read the cookbook, fine. You book a place in a longer training program (surely fine).  Or: You join an online course. Whatever your preference and personal needs. Every session in the course provides you with links to cookbooks, online courses, specialized classroom programs and more.


If you look at the earlier mentioned Forrester report more closely: While scoring better than everyone else in the technical part, to me there is still room for improvement. We got 4.28, to be precise: 5.0 is where we want to be! We need everyone using, everyone enhancing, and everyone selling our product to stay ahead of the game and have a clear understanding of all the major technological solutions we have packed into Intershop7.

Getting there is easier and much more fun than you think it is (promised!). If you haven’t been able to attend a training program recently and/or your daily tasks forbid you to stay in touch with all of the latest developments:  Call the training department immediately and reserve your seat in the next Intershop Commerce Management full immersion training.

Intershop Technical Training



[1] See the latest Forrester Report for Midsize B2B Platforms:

Intershop Commerce Management – Full Immersion Courses