Intershop Dev Community Kickoff

As you may have heard, Intershop created a new Meetup group to connect developers and ops engineers from customers, partners and Intershop itself. It is focusing on tech topics related to Intershop products. Check out the groups page to see details. You can become a member provided that you have a Meetup account. Meetup itself supports Google and other identity providers which you can use to create an account.

To reach out to us simply use the Meetup communication tooling or send an email to

On June, 2nd 2021 the group came together for the first online meeting. It was organized by our dev community team, that is Marijn Oosterveld, Willem Evertse and Johannes Metzner. This post is a recap of the results which have been gained from this.

The meeting started with an introduction round where everyone who has joined mentioned 3 hashtags that best describe them. After that icebreaker session we had three main topics to discuss:

  1. Collect and cluster expectations from members of the group
  2. Vote for the cadence in which we would like to meet. -> The winner is: monthly.
  3. Talk about formats of these events

We had a Miro board that allowed us to collaborate on above topics. Every user could add post-its to the board or vote for a certain option. The following image is a screenshot from the “expectations” board after the session.

The +1 behind some of the expectations means that also other people agree to them.

All participating members have expectations touching mainly 4 topics:

  • Knowledge sharing on Intershop Software
  • Best practices in projects
  • Migration
  • Options for code sharing

To cover knowledge sharing we will have guest speakers from Intershop Engineering to get informed about latest development and news from within the teams. So be prepared to hear more about Technical Tools and Features, Angular Storefront (PWA), Content Management, Rest API, Basket and Checkout.

Besides interesting details on best practices in projects I’m sure it would also be helpful to showcase individual development environments. Maybe someone has a funky little helper that speeds up development tasks, safes time to navigate through directory structures, or to maintain different project environments in a consistent way. The list could go on and I’m sure everyone has something to talk about. If you got some ideas on what to show by now, drop us a line. We will announce it in one of the next events.

One big topic that raised peoples interest was to share experiences on upgrading customized Intershop Software. For this topic it would be helpful if members shared their approaches and experiences.

For the last topic “Options for code sharing” I’d like to quote

Intershop implementation projects tend to follow the same implementation topics from automating catalog imports to developing integrations with payment or email service providers. We could make our work a lot easier if we collaborated more; Reducing implementation effort, reducing maintenance costs and easening transitions between versions


Code sharing in “Github” times is easy but when it comes to commercial products, sometimes licenses and CLAs (or even NDA) must be signed and followed. We can still use this group to talk about individual projects that members are maintaining, provided that the code ownership is clear. Another idea is to discuss Github pull requests for Intershop’s PWA project, as that project is a good example of how we can collaborate more.

Eager to share experiences? Join the Intershop Developer Community in Meetup.

Intershop Dev Community Kickoff
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