Intershop 7.6 Showcase Edition v2 Vagrant

Last week Intershop 7.6 Showcase V2 has been released and now the Vagrant. The Vagrant will automatically install Oracle XE, Java JDK1.8 and deploy the Showcase V2 assembly.

The current version has been created for showcasing and not for development. A development optimised edition will be released as soon as possible.

The Intershop 7.6 Showcase V2 Vagrant is available in two flavours, a small GUI (X Windows) less version and one with a GUI (X Windows). At the moment we have two different Git repositories for these two flavours, in the future we might merge the GUI (X Windows) edition into the current GUI less edition and make it then configurable.

Another thing we want to add in the future is Showcase tutorials & manuals. Than all relevant information is available in the Vagrant showcase folder and easy accessible.


Intershop 7.6 Showcase Edition v2 Vagrant
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